Bella Drink.
Fashion Italian Drink, with 0% alcohol

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Bella is an Italian fashion alcohol free drink, crafted to charm the most exigent and curious palates all over the world. Made by a family winery half a century old, with exquisite local grapes from Northern Italy, to appeal a unique community of lifestylers always looking for new amazing tasting experiences. A new way to share conviviality while embracing sobriety.

Going dry is in style

Going dry is in style

All over the world there are millions of people that don’t drink alcohol for different reasons, from beliefs to lifestyle choices. We empower them all with a smart alcohol free option, inspired by the winemaking process, just with no alcohol at all. Being sober has never been so glam, with Bella Drink.

Excellent by choice

It’s not easy to find top notch alcohol-free drinks. We provide the ultimate tasting experience without a drop of alcohol, plus a luxury attitude and a solid heritage. With Bella Drink everyone can experience the most authentic taste, texture, sparkle, fragrance of an Italian masterpiece.