The drinkmaker

Bella Italian Fashion Drink is the brainchild of Loris Casonato, an expert Italian enologist and winemaker, third generation of a family of passionate wine entrepreneurs and also advocate of smart sustainable winemaking.

Loris Bella Drink

I am a dreamer and Bella is my dream turned into passion and breathed life into an ultra-top quality, one-of-a-kind, international product, emblem of a pleasant and sophisticated style of life.

Loris Casonato


The property

Bella is developed and owned by Iris Vigneti, a family winery established in 1968, located in the heart of Prosecco Treviso DOC wine country in Mareno di Piave, an iconic place in north-eastern Italy close to Venice and the stunning Dolomiti mountains.

The process

Bella is created with an exclusive production process, internationally patented, to enhance and preserve intact the delicate aroma of native grapes of Glera. A revolutionary technology that keeps the unpasteurized and micro-filtered must fresh, just mixed with carbon dioxide only for sparkling references. The result is a fresh drink with zero alcohol. It’s a certified product (Vegan, Biodiversity, SQNPI and HALAL Certified) with a short supply chain, from vineyard to cellar, to bottling, to you.

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