Celebrate your unique approach to conviviality with Bella Italian Fashion Drink.

Bella drinks are natural born alcohol-free. It’s just what it is, since ever. Born this way to deliver only the exquisite vibe of Italian lifestyle: rise your glass and make a toast to worry-free conviviality.

Be true to yourself

0.12 %

Be one of a kind

Loris in vineyard



When talking alcohol-free we aim to zero. No fuss no muss. The average standard in the market is a percentage of 0.5-0.6% vol. Bella is a 0.01% vol non-alcoholic drink that stands out and celebrate sobriety as a lifestyle.

Be proud of your roots

Bella drinks are produced in the Northern Italy wine country from native Glera grapes, the same used to make Prosecco. The result is a non-alcoholic drink that delivers all the charm of the most exquisite and renown Italian sparkling wines, without a drop of alcohol.