All the pleasure
of an alcohol-free toast.


Bella represents tradition, an ancient culture – vines –
an unmistakeable symbol of our society. It is a bridge linking past and future,
satisfying the desire to live
in contact with nature.

Bella comes to life in the Veneto hills and conquers the world uniting flavour, culture and custom. It is a great step forward in our country’s wine making industry and Made in Italy ambassador the world over. Simplicity, fantasy, creativity – these are the keys to this recipe, a synthesis of art, culture and nature.

Enjoy the beautiful life


Bella is fashion, well-being, sport, fun, emblem of the Italian dolce vita and much loved abroad. Choosing Bella means treating yourself to the luxury of being yourself every day, loving what you are and could be. Bella speaks all the world’s languages. It is suffused with fruit, earth, fashion, experience, travel, encounters, people. It is suffused with life. Elegant, effervescent, bright, it is a drink which everyone likes and is privileged to be internationally unique, a perfect way to connect different people, lifestyles and mind-sets.

0.0 Alcohol


Bella is an alcohol free drink made with a patent involving the use of fresh, unfermented must. Its alcohol content is 0% at all times.
It is the ideal drink for anyone wanting to avoid alcohol: for those driving and wanting to celebrate without worrying about police tests, for safety without sacrificing flavour. Packed with mineral salts it is the perfect, pleasantly refreshing drink for any occasion and can also be mixed as a base for a range of quality alcohol-free cocktails.